Polished Concrete In Stadiums

Polished concrete has begun to grow in popularity in many commercial and industrial industries. This is most likely due to how cost effective it is when it comes to maintenance, its durability and endless possibilities for unique finishes. 

There are many benefits to a polished concrete floor that make many people interested in installing them in their space. These floors are incredibly long-lasting. When they are sealed properly they could last a lifetime and prevent you from needing to replace your flooring as often as other materials. 

This flooring also has super easy maintenance. All it takes to keep your floor clean and in maximum shape is regular mopping with a neutral cleansing agent. It can also be very economical depending on what styles and colors you choose. 

One industry that can really benefit from polished concrete flooring because of all the benefits and few cons is stadiums. It may not be the obvious choice, but when you consider all of the elements, polished concrete could be the best option for these large areas.


Polished concrete is an incredibly durable material, which makes it perfect for a location like a stadium. These spaces have incredibly high levels of foot traffic, so it is crucial that they have flooring that can withstand anything. With the addition of concessions, it also needs to be able to stand up to spills from food and drinks. 


The maintenance of polished concrete is fairly low. Regular mopping is usually all it takes to keep them clean and in good condition. On average, maintenancing polished concrete can cost about .10 to .12 cents per foot per year. Other materials that are often used, like vinyl composite tile can cost up to $1.00 to $1.25 annually in maintenance. This makes polished concrete the obvious choice when considering long term costs. 


If you are looking for flooring that will make your facility stand out, polished concrete is a great option because not only does it come in many colors and design, but you are able to incorporate logos and designs into the flooring. This can create a very unique look that is specific to your space, colors, logos, mascots and designs. 

Moisture resistant

An added benefit of polished concrete is that it is non-porous. This means that it is moisture resistant, which is helpful in high traffic areas with the potential of spills. Often times guests will come in from outside with rain, snow or other forms of moisture on their shoes. Having a flooring surface that is resistant to those elements makes it easier to maintain and prevent the costs of having to replace water damage on the flooring. 

High reflectivity

Having a surface that is highly reflective can be beneficial because it allows for better lighting. This can be helpful when guests are trying to find where to go, find their friends or be aware of where they are walking. In crowded areas, high visibility is important for safety and functionality. In addition, if pictures are being taken in this space, which is often the case in stadiums, the lighting will be much better, producing a better photo. 


A huge draw of polished concrete is the ability to design it however you please. You can choose different stains, colors, designs or patterns. An overlay allows for a logo or color to show through the polish, giving the space a very custom, personalized and unique look. You can feature certain art that enhances the space and makes it one-of-a-kind. 

Choosing a durable flooring system while still keeping it stylish and unique can sometimes be a difficult task; however, with polished concrete you do not have to sacrifice durability for design and vice versa.