The pros and cons of polished concerete

It is practical resource in any home, concrete. Regardless if its form is etched, stained or polished on the floors. It features its own benefits and drawbacks. Be sure to understand the polished concrete floors pros and cons before you installing it.

Polished concrete floors pros and cons

Concrete is made by combining an aggregate (river stones, rocks, and chips of granite), cement binder (calcium sulfate and limestone) and water. Concrete is treated with a chemical called concrete densifier to transform it into a decorative and smooth surface suitable for flooring. To achieve this, the chemical is applied on the surface of the concrete to pack the pores. To get the right finish, it is ground with the help of grinding tools. It’s difficult to install a concrete floor on your own. The timing of each step involved is crucial and must be followed carefully.

Concrete floor: different colors, textures and finishes:

Finish and texture of the concrete are determined by the way it is poured, the polishing process involved and the grade of the concrete. Color can be added in many ways. To color the dry concrete, you can use water or an acid based stain to give the wet concrete pigments. The only thing that needs to be done is mix the stain to get the desired color.

Cost of concrete flooring:

  • Polished concrete floors cost: a square foot will cost $4 to $5.
  • Stained concrete floors cost: a square foot will cost $4 to $10.
  • The process might add a square foot rate of $2 to $3.

Benefits of concrete floor

Long-lasting:  A concrete floor which is sealed properly and maintained well can last very long. For a long run, this could save a lot of money and effort. You will not even have to replace your flooring every few years.

Easy maintenance:  Concrete floor requires the least maintenance.  You just have to wax or seal the protective layer every nine months. You can periodically clean the floor by mopping it with a neutral cleansing agent.

Durability: Flooring done using concrete is resilient and very tough. It can withstand the high pressure exerted by cars, heavy equipment, stacked crates, trucks and forklifts.

Design flexibility: Concrete floorings offer a wide range of textures and colors. You can also polish the material to get a faux tile effect by etching or a smooth sheen.

Economical: Depending on the styles and colors you choose, concrete flooring can be an extremely economical choice.

Disadvantages of concrete floor

Discomfort: Concrete flooring is not comfortable to stand on for a longer duration. If you stand for a long time and regularly on the concrete floor, your feet might start hurting.

Slippery: Concrete floors can get slippery when wet if it is buffed or highly polished.

Hardness:  The surface is very hard and can injure people if they fall on it. Items will crack or shatter if they are dropped on the surface of a concrete floor.

Coldness: If you do not have a radiant floor heating system, concrete floors can get very cold especially during winters.


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