Stained Concrete

The days of dull, gray concrete are gone! Staining concrete can turn a simple concrete floor into a unique staple piece in any space. You are able to stain virtually any concrete surface including garages, grocery stores, schools, restaurants, warehouses and more.

What is Stain?

Staining concrete produces a permanent color that is resistant to moisture, abrasions, and other outside forces that could otherwise damage the surface. Staining is different from paint in that it absorbs into the concrete and infuses it with deep tones resulting in an individualized look every single time.

Other benefits? Once the concrete is stained, you won’t have have to worry about the color chipping, cracking or peeling

If we haven’t convinced you yet, here’s why staining is the most popular way to enhance concrete floors - of stained concrete.


Why Should I Stain My Concrete Floors?

  • Numerous, customizable options
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fade resistant finish
  • UV stability
  • Great for both interior and exterior projects


What Color Options Do I Have?

There are two different kinds of stains to use on your concrete floor depending on how you want it to look. Water-based stains  and acid-based stains  are both great choices, depending on your ideal look.

Acid-based stains chemically react with concrete to create natural color variations that are similar to the look of granite or marble. However, the color selection is limited to more subtle, neutral hues.

If you want to reach a more dramatic color palette, you will want to consider using water-based stains because they come in a full spectrum of colors. Colors can be mixed or added, much like water-based paints, to create a customized look.


Gray and brown are the most popular choices for color stains, but you should feel free to go bold and use other colors such as blue or red to add a little bit of excitement to your space.


How Much Will It Cost?

The price of staining concrete depends on the difficulty of the job. Some of the different factors that go into price include the size of the floor, the complexity of the application, the amount of surface prep that is required, and the type of stain you will be using.


Here at Custom Concrete Creations, we would love to help you explore your options and find the perfect stain for your next project!


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