Suppliers That We Trust (Part 2)

Last week, we gave you some information on the suppliers that we trust and work with here at Custom Concrete Creations! We appreciate our suppliers and love working with each and every one of them. We couldn’t do the work that we do without their help and support. We highly recommend you check out the suppliers that we told you about last week as well as the following suppliers that we’re about to tell you about this week! Feel free to visit their websites or contact them about their products and services.

Logan Contractors Supply, Inc.

Logan Contractors Supply is a family-owned that serves all of the needs of today's contractor. They have locations in Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas. Whether it be paving, patching, commercial, repair, decorative, or general flatwork, the team at Logan Contractors Supply has the materials, supplies, equipment, knowledge expertise to help you get your projects done correctly. Everyone at Logan takes pride in maintaining and selling used equipment at affordable prices and will provide specifications on all of the equipment before any purchases are made. To learn more about Logan Contractors Supply, contact them here.

Runyon Surface Prep Rental & Supply

Runyon Surface Prep Rental and Supply is a full service sales and rental facility located in Indianapolis, Indiana with another office in California. They currently service more than 28 states throughout the United States. They are unique to the industry because they have a dedicated division of the company to sales and rentals for the surface prep industry. They have not only rental equipment, but also investment of time put into having consumables on the shelf and ready for their customers at a moment’s notice. They have the proper background and training to assist in helping get things done as well as providing customers with the training they need for various equipment and techniques for prepping, polishing, and removal. To learn more about Runyon, you can contact them for more details here.

Substrate Technology, Inc.

Substrate Technology, Inc. is a top leader in the grinding, polishing, and blasting industry stationed in Morris, Illinois. They have developed, superior products for “prep to polish” work with proven results. For surface prep, polished concrete, terrazzo, marble, and stone, STI offers high-quality machines and diamond system processes that work precisely with each other for admired work. The staff at STI has two decades of product research and development, and experience with on the job work. Customers go to STI because they know that STI uses only high-quality products that meet their strict standards. To contact STI, visit this page.

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There are so many creative and custom options for finishing concrete, but first and foremost is the importance of the quality of the the concrete itself. At Custom Concrete Creations we have state of the art equipment and a properly trained team with years of experience. Custom Concrete Creations is a premier contractor serving the Omaha area as well as the Midwest. Give us a call or send us an email for your custom concrete finishing needs today!