The myths about concrete floors

There sure has been lots of talk about concrete floors. Of course not all has been pleasant. Some argue they’re not meant for the indoors, or that they look boring in your home. Instead of listening to all the myths that are out there, hear the truth from the custom concrete creation experts.

Here are the common myths about custom concrete creation floors, debunked!

Concrete floors will crack.

One of the biggest myths that people believe is that concrete floors are prone to cracking. People tend to believe this myth because the concrete used on streets, sidewalks and roads tend to crack.  However, interior concrete floors don’t face the same elements as the ones outdoors.

The concrete floors that are installed for interiors are sealed. By getting your concrete floors sealed, you can ensure your floors will stay protected from any kind of abrasions. .

Concrete floors are cold.

No one likes to walk up and step on cold floors. One of the biggest slander against concrete floors is that they are cold; however, every flooring material can be cold from tile to wood. Concrete can be warmed up easily by adding a rug or getting radiant floor heat.

If you want to avoid cold feet in general, consider installing radiant heating under your concrete floors. This will allow your floors to heated to the temperature you desire.

Concrete is the ideal flooring material for radiant heating compared to other flooring materials. It absorbs the heat and spreads it around the surface. There are two options you can get installed under your floors:

  • Electric radiant

  • Hot water (Hydronic)

You’ll never have to worry about worry about your toes getting cold again!

Concrete floors are boring.

A misconception about  concrete flooring is that it’s boring. The only thing that will make it boring is a lack of imagination. There are endless ways you can customize concrete floors from acid stains to epoxy flooring solutions!

Concrete floors allow you to use acid stains. There are infinite amount of colors and effects that can achieved from layering the acid stains. Another other popular option is epoxy. This kind of finish gives your floors a finish that won’t fade or chip away.

For those who want a  unique finish, there’s woodcrete. This custom concrete creation gives your concrete floors the illusion of wood floors with all the protection that concrete floors offers.

If you’re looking to get concrete floors installed to you home or business, give us a call. We can give you the best and custom concrete creation floors!


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