Tips On Cleaning Your Concrete Floors

Although polished concrete is a very durable material, it still needs to be properly maintained in order to last for many years. Within this regular maintenance includes regular cleaning. Cleaning is important to help keep your polished concrete floors looking great, especially in commercial buildings like retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses that need to look clean and tidy each day. 

At Custom Concrete Creations, we are your polished concrete specialists. We have helped a number of commercial buildings update and install new polished concrete floors in their space. We truly understand how important regular cleaning is when it comes to concrete floors. So, in this post, we give some tips on how to properly clean your concrete floors!

Set up a routine

First and foremost, to keep your floors clean and looking professional you will want to create and maintain a regular routine. This is the most important step. Without a routine, it will be more difficult to keep your floors clean. With a routine, you can educate your employees on when to clean, how to clean and how often to clean! This helps keep everyone on the same page, and will ensure your commercial floors are getting cleaned regularly!

When coming up with a routine, you will want to identify tasks that should be done daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Not everything needs to be done each day, so making sure you create a detailed routine will help save you time! 

Tips on cleaning your floors

One of the many benefits of polished concrete is that it’s a fairly easy material to keep clean! When developing your floor cleaning routine, keep these tips in mind!

Daily Tasks

Dust mop 

Dry mopping your concrete floors should be done daily! This will help remove the dirt and debris for your floor’s surface, which will ultimately help your floors keep that shiny look. Using a microfiber pad will help remove the dirt off your floors, which can act as an abrasive and end up ruining your polished concrete. 

Clean up spills

Every day, you should also be watching out for any spills of any sort and make sure you are getting those cleaned up right away. When spills aren’t attended to in a timely manner, they can end up staining your floors, as well as produce slipping hazards in your building. It’s best to clean up any spills right away to keep your employees and customers safe!

Weekly Tasks

Wet mop

Although dry mopping helps keep your floor’s surface dirt-free, it’s not enough to keep your floors looking the best they can. Each week, you should try to wet mop your polished concrete floors using a neutral flooring cleaner, clean water and a clean mop. The reason why you should use a cleaning solution rather than water alone is because it will help remove dirt much easier!

In some commercial buildings such as retail stores or restaurants, wet mopping may need to be done multiple times a week! It’s also important that you use a pH neutral cleaner so you don’t ruin the polish and shine of your floors!

Keeping your commercial floors clean is essential for any business. And if you have polished concrete floors, the good news is that they are pretty simple to keep clean! Use these cleaning tips to keep your space looking and feeling clean!

As polished concrete specialists, we know concrete flooring just about as well as anyone! If you have any questions or concerns about your commercial floors, give your polished concrete specialists a call today!