Top 3 Reasons Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Finish Your Garage Floor

Recently we’ve offered you articles centered around the application of epoxy coatings to your garage floor. We’ve not only explained why epoxy coatings would be beneficial for your home or commercial needs, but also offered advice as to why you should hire a pro. With summer fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to put such recommendations into practice. To follow along with the theme, here are 3 key reasons why we consider summer to be the best time to apply an epoxy coating to your garage floor.


When applying epoxy coatings, the temperature of both the concrete and the surrounding air must be high enough for the product to properly cure. Most experts recommend the temperature of the concrete slab to be at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit while air temperatures should be anywhere from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When temperatures fall within this range, it allows the epoxy to properly cure. Anything lower and the adhesive may not properly bond to the concrete surface. With temperatures during the summer falling more or less within this appropriate range, it’s the perfect time for application.

Increased Traffic

As a species, when the weather warms, we perk up. Thus, during the warmer summer months, you can expect higher foot traffic in and around your home. This increase in foot traffic often leads to wear on the flooring throughout your home, specifically to garage floors. You can help combat this increase in activity by applying an epoxy coating. Epoxy coatings help act as a protective layer between the elements and your concrete garage floors. Additionally, epoxy coatings help to resist against staining, abrasion, and chemicals, so the application of one will assist in maintaining lasting quality of your garage floors!


As previously mentioned, during the summer months, there is an increase in foot traffic in and around your home. This increase in foot traffic will inevitably bring along with it the wandering, judging eyes of the Jones’ as well. By applying an epoxy coating to your garage floor, you can halt those judgments at first glance, as epoxy coatings offer a superior quality aesthetic look! Meaning not only will it add value to your home in terms of function but in form as well. So long are the days when the Jones’ outdid you with their upscale BBQ’s and flashy patio decks. Your newly epoxied garage floors have now broken the status quo as they are now the object of much envy. Take that societal norms.

When dealing with epoxy coatings, it’s important to remember proper application is essential to ensuring lasting quality. For this reason, we recommend hiring a professional. In doing so, you’ll achieve superior quality in less time, so do yourself a favor and hire a pro!

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