Update: Why schools should utilize polished concrete

Every year, schools spend millions of dollars replacing worn-out tile, carpet and other types of flooring. Schools need a durable and cost-effective flooring option, as well as a floor that is long-lasting and can impress the parents of prospective students. With polished concrete floors, longevity is longer and costs are lower.

Polished concrete flooring works well in many if not all aspects of a school including classrooms, hallways, entryways, restrooms and auditoriums. There are several reasons why polished concrete is a perfect choice for schools including the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic, a reduction of allergens and there are tons of colors and stains to choose from; you can even include your school’s logo on the floor!

Durable, scratch resistant, slip-resistant and easy to maintain 

Schools have tons of foot traffic throughout them each day, and the floors also see lots of desks, chairs and other pieces of furniture. Polished concrete floors are both durable and resistant to scratching. If you’re looking for a floor that will create a good first impression, polished concrete is the way to go. Parents also want to know that their children will be safe, and the slip-resistance of polished concrete flooring creates fewer opportunities for a child to fall and get hurt.

Parents will be more likely to send their children to your school if they can see it’s well kept. Polished concrete also makes janitors’ lives easier as they are easy to maintain. All you need is warm, soapy water and a mop. Concrete is meant for this type of durability, and a school with a vast amount of people coming and going all day needs a flooring that can handle this.

Reduces allergens

Many people struggle with allergies throughout the year, especially around the back-to-school time of year. Piling a bunch of students and teachers who just got back from summer break into a small space creates lots of allergens and a rise in germs. Polished concrete is nonporous which means there are no cracks or crevices for bacteria to get caught in.

A flooring option such as carpet is much harder to keep clean. In fact, vacuuming the carpet once a week doesn’t even get all of the dust and allergens out. Carpet traps sand and dust causing the fibers to break down faster and adding allergens into the air; this is especially relevant for schools in rural areas. Choosing polished concrete is the best way to reduce allergens and sickness as they are hypoallergenic.

Install polished concrete floors in your school

In the end, polished concrete is more appealing, easier to maintain and less costly than other flooring options for schools. Custom Concrete Creations has a team of professionals with lots of experience who can even add your school colors and logo into the concrete floor. We’re passionate about concrete and what it can do for you! Contact us today to begin your project.