Why you need Woodcrete Floors?

It seems that every home renovating show is adding wood floorings or custom concrete floors. Rustic wood floors are all the trend in home interior designs. The cost of them could be more than they are worth. When you consider the actual money and time, you have to invest to keep them looking brand new, it's not worth it. Don't fret we have the solution for you! Woodcrete concrete flooring gives you the rustic hardwood look without burning a hole in your pocket.

At Custom Concrete Creation, we offer custom concrete coatings of any design unique to your brand and style.  Our signature C3 WoodCrete floors are customized to give you the feeling of rustic wood floors that look like you spend a fortune.  When in reality you spent half the amount of real wood floors. Woodcrete flooring is a type of concrete flooring that resembles hardwood flooring.

The process of creating these floors is simple. First, your floors get a bond coat applied and then the design is laid out. Next, the concrete is designed to look wood, and once it's dry, it gets the color stain of your choice.  The great thing about woodcrete flooring is that you can customize it to look like your favorite kind of wood.

The benefits of woodcrete floors.

Investing in your home’s flooring is stressful enough, now imagine having to decide the correct color, style or material. You can't just return flooring within 30 days of your purchase like a shirt. The process of having professionals install floors takes time and costs money. If you are thinking about DIYing your floors, it can end up costing you more than you thought it would. Take your time to research all your available options.

If you are a new homeowner you want to make a list of all the requirements you wish for your floor to have.  Do you want something temporary or something that will last throughout the years? You probably want floors that you don’t have to worry about renovating for a good ten or more years. Concrete flooring can satisfy all your requirements from durability, cost and even the look of hardwood.

Looks like wood

As shocking as it might sound, but concrete flooring can look like hardwood. This a great benefit that no other flooring can give you! You can get the look of hardwood floors with all the benefits of concrete floorings. That is a double win! You don’t have to settle and forget your rustic wood floor dreams. Plus, you will never have to worry someone copying your floors because every single woodcrete floor is unique!

WoodCrete flooring mimics the look of real wood down to the texture. Our professionals will create the wood grain patterns you desire. We can customize the size of the floor panels and the layout. If the texture does not convince you, then the color choice will amaze you. We can customize the flooring to any color of hardwood. Our specialists can make it look red oak, maple or even reclaimed pine.

More resistant

Concrete flooring is known for being resistant against any damage. So you can ensure that woodcrete floors will outlast any hardwood flooring. What is unique about concrete flooring is its properties that make it resistant against any water or moisture damage. You will not worry about your floors getting damaged from a rainy day or snow trailing inside. A downside of hardwood flooring the high care you need to invest because it can easily be damaged. You have to make sure it doesn’t get scratched. Woodcrete flooring is easy to maintain! You do not need to do monthly rewaxing or repolishing. All you have to do is get a reseal every two years. Cleaning woodcrete is very low maintenance. You do not need any special cleaners, but it is recommended not to use any ammonia-based cleaners because it ruins your custom concrete coating.

Costs less

Why would you spend more for the same results? Woodcrete flooring gives you the same look of hardwood flooring, so why would you pay more. Woodcrete flooring is less expensive to install and purchase than other flooring options. On average, woodcrete concrete flooring can cost you between two to six dollars per square foot. You need to consider that this cost might increase depending on custom concrete coating. However, it is relatively a reasonable price for the cost. You can use that money you saved for your kitchen or man cave.

Now it’s time to decide which flooring is better suited for your home. You need to think about which benefits are more important to you. If you are looking for flooring that is easy to maintain and costs less but will add incredible value to your home, woodcrete flooring is the winner. At Custom Concrete, we can sit down with you and design the floors of your dreams. Our C3 WoodCrete flooring is perfect for your home or commercial space.


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