Commercial Installation Highlight - Candlewood Church Woodcrete Flooring Omaha, Nebraska

Hardwood floors have been one of the hottest trends of modern day projects for years. They are very popular and highly desired. Many people admire the rustic appeal, timelessness, and durable feel of hardwood floors. Although, they can be very expensive and require a lot of maintenance over the years. Some people turn to laminate or linoleum flooring instead, but these options have a short lifespan and cause major problems ending in you having to replace them before you want to (or can afford to!). Needless to say, this will only leave you with frustration and a (large!) dent in your wallet. Don’t fret, we have a solution for you! Concrete. Yes, concrete can be transformed to look just like hardwood floors and just as beautiful. This is how the word “woodcrete” was created. The process for creating woodcrete is very simple. Not only are these types of floors aesthetically pleasing, but they are affordable as well and they last for a very, very long time with little to no maintenance at all. To see more reasons why people love woodcrete check out our past blog posts “Why Is Woodcrete Better Than Real Wood Floors?” and “Concrete Hardwood Floors”.

All of us at Custom Concrete Creations were delighted to install woodcrete into Candlewood Church in Omaha, Nebraska. Candlewood is a growing group of parishioners trying to get closer to God through services every Sunday, campus ministry, peer groups, and home groups that include people of all ages that share experiences with each other. There are services held in both Omaha and Lincoln. This Church has been around for several decades and continues to grow by adding new members. Click here to learn more about the resources offered at Candlewood.

Below are photos of the process at Candlewood Church and the finished product with a high gloss finish:

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Custom Concrete Creations is chosen to help facilitate large projects such as this one because we are the preferred custom concrete floor company, not only of Omaha but also the greater Midwest region. We have state-of-the-art equipment and a very experienced and reliable team. We help you achieve the look that you wish and don’t consider the job done until you are happy with the results. So give us a call or contact us here for your custom concrete needs today!