Concrete flooring and sustainability

The term ‘eco-friendly’ has been coined as expensive and many people think anything better for the environment is going to cost them more. Yet, this really isn’t true, especially when it comes to your flooring. Concrete flooring is great for both the environment and your space. The long life cycle makes concrete flooring more cost-efficient when compared to other options.

There might even be a beautiful concrete floor hidden under your current carpet that just needs to be polished. Why go through the process of tearing up the carpet and finishing the concrete flooring? A few reasons include increased air quality, power efficiency, and resilience. Below we discuss ways concrete flooring is recyclable, sustainable, and even better for the environment and economy.

Recyclability of concrete

When concrete flooring is made there are many ways to incorporate recycled materials into it. You can create a unique design in your polished concrete floor with sea shells, different rocks, glass, metal shavings, and plastic that has been recycled. Even without those additions, concrete is made out of one of the most plentiful minerals on this planet. 

Refinishing your concrete is always a better choice than demolishing it and starting over. When a concrete floor does have to be demolished, the pieces don’t always need to end up in a landfill. Nowadays, concrete leftovers can be used in the creation of roads, smaller buildings, and even helping with shoreline erosion.

Sustainable living and concrete

Both the creation and construction of concrete is sustainable. Sustainable living is going to be even more necessary in the future than it is right now. Concrete flooring is resilient to climate change caused by natural and human disasters. You can minimize your company’s carbon footprint by implementing concrete flooring if you have not already.

The energy put into creating concrete flooring is never wasted as the lifetime extends beyond 20 years. You won’t need an abundance of materials to keep this flooring in good shape either. Because of how strong and durable concrete flooring is, less carbon is used in producing additional materials. Polished concrete floors save you money on your energy bills because of its heating and cooling properties. Saving on your energy pills is a perk, but so is being power efficient.

Polished concrete floors and the economy

The concrete industry creates jobs and employs more than 163,000 people. When you choose polished concrete flooring for your business, you’re actually helping the economy and the environment. There are many benefits to concrete flooring as you can reduce costs, recycle any extra concrete, repurpose any old concrete, making it an eco-friendly choice. Many businesses are looking for ways to be more sustainable, as well as save costs and energy. Because concrete floors use recycled materials, not as many raw materials have to be used. If you want your building to be sustainable, you’ll want to hop on the concrete flooring trend.

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