Concrete Overlays

If you’re looking to revamp an old, existing surface within your home or business, a concrete overlay could be a worthwhile option for you to consider! Concrete overlays take out the hassle and time involved with completely replacing the surface in question, saving you time and money, and who doesn’t like more time and money? Crazy people that’s who. Don’t want to be one of these crazy people? Read below to find out more about concrete overlays and how they could be of benefit to you!

What is a concrete overlay?

As mentioned above, concrete overlays are a way to turn an old surface into a “new” one without the annoyance of having to completely replace it. Notice though we are referring to the “surface” generally and not specifying by saying “concrete surface.” This is because although it is the most popular, concrete is not the only surface in which an overlay can be utilized. Concrete overlays can be applied to surfaces such as vinyl, tile, and wood if properly prepared. While it is true a multitude of different surfaces can be redone with an overlay, it is important to note that this is not true for all. Specifically when it comes to concrete that has widespread, deep cracks where settlement has occurred, concrete that is sunken, and concrete that has been affected by frost heaving (which is common in cold climates such as Omaha). Not sure if your surface should be replaced? Click here to get a better idea.

Can they be decorative?

Now that you know what a concrete overlay is and some of the associated benefits, you’re wondering if you’ll be limited when choosing an aesthetic look. The answer is no, not at all! With concrete overlays, comes a wide variety of decorative options. These options range from stained overlays, which come in a variety of options depending on if you choose an acid-based or water-based stain, polished overlays, and stamped overlays to name a few. It’s easy to obtain almost any aesthetic look with a concrete overlay as if it were the first time around!

Still have more questions regarding concrete overlays and if they are the best option for you? Click here to find some FAQs surrounding the topic.

There are so many creative and custom options for finishing concrete, but first and foremost important is the concrete itself. At Custom Concrete Creations we have state of the art equipment and a properly trained team with years of experience. Custom Concrete Creations is a premier contractor serving the Omaha area as well at the Midwest. Give us a call or send us an email for your custom concrete finishing needs today!