Epoxy or polished concrete for your business?

Are your business’ floors getting scratched up and peeling? Did those tile floors crack? It is time for you to make the switch to concrete floors. Concrete floors are popular solution for all kinds of businesses.

From restaurants to corporate offices like Google, these businesses and others  have made the switch to concrete floors. They have made it their own creations with the help of acid stains and epoxy creations. With the help of concrete professionals, there is no limit to your imagination.

Before you start to plan out your concrete floor dreams, you need to know the different types. There are polished concrete and epoxy floors. Both options are perfect for your business, but  it all depends on the type of finish you are looking for your floors. Are you looking for sleek polished concrete floor or an epoxy creation floor?

Epoxy floors for businesses.

Epoxy floors are created when a resin and hardener are mixed. Once together, these two create a chemical reaction that creates a durable plastic like material. This hard finish is ideal for businesses that handle the most robust traffic and the elements.

If you are looking for a kind of floor that handles anything, epoxy creations are your ideal solution. They are built to last. When installing these kinds of floors, an expert starts by laying down a concrete floor.  Once it has dried, they begin to add the epoxy on top. The bonding of both gives you those everlasting floors.

Another great feature about epoxy floors is they are non-porous. With that sealed finish your floors will be resistant against stains, scratches and moisture. The epoxy seal prevents liquids from making its way into the pores of the concrete. By doing so, it protects the concrete from getting cracks in it that can form when water makes its way inside it.

Polished concrete for businesses.

Polished concrete floors have been growing in popularity around the world. These floors are being used in office spaces to apartment buildings. Polished concrete meets all the demands and needs that growing businesses need without going over budget.

To create the polished concrete floors, you need to start with a concrete base. Once the concrete floors have been installed, they get polished with machinery to give it that flawless look. They can customize you.

Just like epoxy floors, polished concrete is a durable flooring solution for business.. You can have them in small companies to chain restaurants. Those thousands of feet that are going in and out your business will never wear them down.

Not sure if polished concrete or epoxy creations is better suited for your business? Contact Custom Concrete Creations to talk to an expert who will be able to give you the best option.


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