Polished concrete in grocery stores

There are many elements that go into producing a high quality, efficient and long-lasting grocery store. One of those pieces that are incredibly important to consider is flooring. Flooring is so important because it is an integral piece of the entire puzzle. If the wrong type of flooring is chosen, it can cause a loss in money for the store due to maintenance and replacement. It could also cause potential issues with customers if the flooring is not slip resistant. Since it is so important to pick the right type of flooring for your grocery store, it is important you know all the needs of your business as well as what your best option is. 

Low maintenance

An important element of your flooring that will benefit everyone from the owners to the employees is that the flooring you choose is low maintenance. This means that the cleaning doesn’t require a lot of staff time and resources. A grocery store has an incredible amount of surface area to cover and with a hefty cleaning routine, staff will spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining the floor, instead of doing more efficient tasks. In addition to the cleaning routine being simple, the flooring should also be durable. Taking into consideration the amount of heavy foot traffic a store has, the chosen flooring should be able to withstand a high amount of wear and tear. 

Usable throughout entire store

A grocery store contains many different departments like bakery, deli, floral, meat and others. Because of this, it is important to find a flooring option that works in all spaces. This means that the surface should be efficient and beneficial in all departments. Using the same flooring throughout the entire store creates a unified and seamless feel throughout the entire store. This also makes it easier when it comes to maintenance because all departments can use the same routine. 

Stain resistant

A grocery store is filled with many different products that have the possibility to break, spill or damage the flooring. Many of the departments like the bakery or floral department are likely to have spills. If a customer drops and breaks a jar or other fragile items, that means the product is sitting on the floor until it is able to be cleaned up. Because of this, the surface of the chosen flooring should be non-porous to prevent the absorption of stains. This will keep the floor looking new for many years. Non-porous materials also mean that the flooring will not absorb the smells from various departments or products that are spilled, keeping the environment pleasant and neutral. 

Slip resistant

With a high amount of foot traffic in the grocery store as well as employees always on their feet, the flooring should be very slip resistant to avoid falls and accidents. This will reduce workplace accidents and injury and be sure that all customers and employees are safe and preventing accidents. 

Why polished concrete?

You may be wondering what your best option is after hearing what is needed for the most beneficial and efficient grocery store flooring. The best option you can choose for this space is polished concrete.

Many stores already have concrete slabs throughout the store. Possibly the most economical solution would be to buff and polish it. This means that additional money won’t be spent on purchasing new flooring, but improving what is already there. The process of grinding down the concrete surface increases the floor strength and durability, which is a plus when considering the heavy foot traffic. 

Businesses and organizations are choosing polished concrete for efficiency, but many are also choosing it because of how attractive it is. An appealing quality is that there are no grout lines and it is one solid piece of flooring. It is often chosen to give a modern or industrial feel to the space without being too harsh. Polished concrete checks all the boxes for grocery store flooring. It is low maintenance, durable, easy to replicate throughout the store and stain and slip resistant. Plus, it looks pretty sleek. Contact us today to see how we can help transform your grocery store space!