The many uses of concrete

Concrete is one of the best and most used building materials in the world. It has been around for a very long time, and it can be seen in some of the oldest structures in the world. Concrete only gets stronger over time. Below are some reasons to choose concrete for your concrete creations and some of the best uses for it!

Reasons to choose concrete

Concrete has more advantages than other building materials. It is durable, sustainable and budget-friendly. Concrete can withstand weight, wearability and various weather conditions. It leaves a small environmental footprint, is often made with locally-available materials and can also be recycled. Concrete can save you money, as it’s not too expensive to purchase by the square foot, and it can save you up to 20% on construction projects.

Residential uses of concrete

Concrete is a good option for residential use because it can handle all types of weather and is even fire resistant. It also is a safe option because it doesn’t release any VOCs into the air like paint, sealer and carpeting do. Concrete helps keep out insects, small rodents and other pests as well; they are unable to burrow and sneak in through the concrete. It lasts a long time and you won’t need to worry about consistent repairs. Concrete is easy to maintain and doesn’t need to be painted or stained as frequently as wood does. Consider polished concrete in your home!

There are several ways to use concrete in your home including flooring, countertops and tabletops, sinks, stairs, fireplaces, interior and decorative walls, beams, patios and porches, firepits, pool decks, water features, planters and your driveway.

Commercial concrete

Concrete is available in tons of colors, making it a great choice for your commercial space! You can stain the concrete to any desired color and even include your company’s logo or colors on the floor. You can also mark where a forklift would drive in your warehouse, keeping your employees safe and out of harm's way. Concrete can also save money on your energy and lighting bills as it’s light-reflective and retains heat. Consider polished concrete in your food processing facility, veterinary clinic, school, stadium, retail store, restaurant or office!

Bridges, dams and underground use

Recycled concrete is often used in the creation of smaller buildings and can help with shoreline erosion. Concrete can also be used for bridges, dams and underground purposes. Concrete is strong, which is necessary for any underground use like subways, sewers and other culverts. High-performance concrete is used to create bridges that will last a long time with minimal maintenance. It takes durability and strength to block large bodies of water; concrete can handle moisture and can accommodate steel reinforcements, gates, tunnel liners, rubber water stops, electric controls and wiring.

Get started with your concrete creations

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