Why concrete beats carpet

Concrete is becoming a more modern and luxurious choice for flooring in a wide variety of spaces. With all the decorative concrete options available, many people are choosing a concrete floor over carpet. Here are some of the key differences between carpet and concrete, as well as why we think concrete is the best choice! 


Although concrete and carpet have similar prices, carpet has a shorter lifespan than concrete. It’s important to think about the long run. You will spend an average of $1 to $3 per square foot finishing an already existing concrete floor. If you need to install concrete flooring and want to add any staining and decorating, you’re looking at $5 to $25 per square foot. Carpet tends to cost $5 to $10 per square foot, but it only lasts five to seven years. You might spend a bit more upfront on concrete, but it’s cheaper in the long run.


Concrete is easy to clean, and it has no spaces where dust and other debris can build up over time. Sealed or polished concrete is nonporous, making it easy to sanitize and maintain. Carpet is harder to clean and requires frequent cleaning. Bacteria can also get left behind in the carpet fibers, and the fibers themselves can weaken after extensive cleaning. If you want easy-to-maintain floors, concrete is the recommended choice.


Carpets are often limited to different colors and patterns depending on the current flooring trends. Concrete can be stained or dyed to virtually any color, and you can incorporate stenciled or stamped designs into your flooring. Concrete floors offer more versatility than carpeting.


Another thing to consider when choosing a flooring is renovations. Carpets can be difficult to stretch and staple in place and, when the time comes to replace, it’s hard to roll up and heavy to move. Concrete doesn’t always need to be ground down to re-polish or color, and updating the color and maintaining the shine is simpler and more convenient.


Concrete floors create noisier environments than carpeted spaces. However, a rug can be used to create the same sound muffling effect. You can even choose a rug to elevate the looks and feel of your space, as rugs allow for more customization and personality than carpet.


Concrete is extremely durable, and it can handle foot traffic as well as the weight of furniture and other heavy items. It’s also resistant to scratching and scuffing, and if scratches and scuffs do accumulate after a long time, they’re easy to buff out. Concrete floors are a great investment as long as you take care of them and maintain them properly.

Family & pets

If you have any pets or little ones in your family that will be frequenting the flooring, you might automatically choose carpet because it’s softer. However, concrete can withstand the scratches and chipping kids and pets may cause. Also, with pets and kids constantly on carpet, it gets dirty and accumulates dirt tracked in by them. Concrete floors are hard for kids and pets to damage, and you can add soft rugs in play areas for babies and kids, helping it be more safe for slips and falls. What’s also important to note is polished concrete is slip-resistant.

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Some will always choose carpet over concrete, but we hope some of this information has opened your eyes to the benefits of concrete flooring. If you want to discuss installing concrete or updating your floor, contact us today!