11 businesses that can benefit from polished concrete floors

We love polished concrete floors for so many reasons! Almost any space can benefit from polished concrete. Below we highlight 11 of our favorite areas that can benefit from the sleek and professional look of polished concrete!

1. Restaurants

Not only do restaurants get a ton of foot traffic, but they also have a constant moving of tables and chairs across the flooring. With concrete floors, you don’t need to worry about scuffing or scratching because they’re durable and last a long time. They’re easy to clean, which helps when it comes to spills and overall maintenance. They’re also slip-resistant, which helps your employees stay on their feet as they carry food and drinks.

2. Retail stores

Similar to restaurants, retail stores get a lot of foot traffic as well. Polished concrete is a great flooring material for retail stores and shopping centers because it can handle store activity, it’s aesthetically pleasing and can be made to fit any brand. Polished concrete floors also create a brighter space because they’re light-reflective.

3. Offices

Your office space is begging for an upgrade! Polished concrete floors are a great choice because there are so many coloring and finishing options to choose from. You can even get a concrete floor that looks like wood. This kind of floor can also keep your employees healthy because concrete doesn’t trap allergens and other debris.

4. Commercial gyms

Gyms must have durable flooring because of all the weights, workout equipment and foot traffic. Since your gym members get sweaty when working out, it’s also nice to have a floor that’s easy to clean and meets hygienic standards. Plus, there are mats you can lay down for a more soft surface if needed when working out. 

5. Veterinary clinics

Even dogs love polished concrete! No matter what animal comes into your clinic, you can rest easy knowing their paws, claws or hooves won’t scuff the flooring. A slip-resistant floor will also help clients stay standing when their excited or nervous pet is tugging on their leash. Vets also need a floor that’s easy to clean when accidents happen.

6. Grocery stores & gas stations

Concrete floors are efficient and affordable when covering a large area such as grocery stores and gas stations. They have usability throughout the entire store. They’re stain resistant, which is perfect for any drops and spills which may happen, and they keep your customers safe as well. Since the area is so large, it’s nice to have something easy for your employees to keep clean.

7. Schools

Schools get more foot traffic and movement from chairs and desks than most places. Polished concrete works well in all areas of a school. You can even incorporate your school's colors and mascot into the flooring. Shiny concrete floors also create a lasting impression and make your school look nice, enticing parents to choose yours over another.

8. Stadiums

Similar to a school, you can include your team’s colors and logo on your concrete flooring. Concrete floors can withstand foot traffic and any spills from concession and drink stands that occur in stadiums. You can personalize your concrete floors to create a unique look when compared to rival stadiums.

9. Aviation

Concrete floors are strong and can hold the weight of airplanes. The aviation industry can benefit from concrete floors because of their curb appeal, as customers want to store their planes somewhere clean and elegant. You want a floor that’s easy to clean when any fluids leak onto it. You can also mark where planes will be driving on the flooring to enhance safety.

10. Warehouses

Vehicles, operating equipment and other machines in warehouses have the potential to ruin nice flooring, but not polished concrete. In fact, polished concrete is one of the best options due to its durability and easy maintenance. Concrete is incredibly difficult to damage, and you can outline safety zones on it as well.

11. Food processing facilities

Food processing facilities must be sanitary and meet other high standards. Polished concrete is functional and safe, making it a great choice for these areas. It can withstand the weight of the equipment necessary for processing food, and it won’t succumb to any spills from various products.

Bring polished concrete floors into your space

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